It’s imperative that every business recognises the importance of moving with the ever-changing needs of each customer. We now live in a world that is driven by simplicity and we all strive to make lives easier for ourselves and that’s why cashless payments are now increasing rapidly. As fewer people carry cash, more people are turning to their debit or credit cards to make all kinds of payments, even payments that are extremely low in value. As a salon, you might take the majority of payments in cash but now it could be time to think about a salon card machine. 


So, with this in mind, why does your salon need a card machine? If you choose to opt for a card machine then you will need to consider the best card machines for small businesses but before you get to that point, it’s worth understanding the benefits of having contactless payment devices.

It Increases Your Reach

Many people choose to pay with a card over cash. So, if you opt to install a XEPOS card machine, you’ll increase the number of people who use your salon. Whether it’s passing trade or regular customers, having more payment options available makes life a lot easier for each customer and it will help to attract those who prefer to pay with a card than cash. 

It Creates a Professional Look

After you’ve browsed the cheapest credit debit card terminals for hairdressers and made your choice, your salon will instantly look and feel more professional. It will feel more refined and modern and that alone can attract more clients. When people come across a business that offers no form of card payment facility, it creates a negative impression and could force people to use another salon. You’ll enhance trustworthiness and credibility and that will add value to your service if you choose to install a 4G card machine.

Make Life Easier for Yourself

Card readers will come with payment processing costs but these are extremely low. Along with this, you will be able to make life a lot easier for yourself. Every client who chooses to pay by card can tap and go, which means no more handling cash and handing out change. It means you’ll have less cash to count at the end of the day and you’ll have less cash on-site which reduces the risk of theft. What’s more, you’ll also have access to simple reporting that will allow you to identify daily, weekly and monthly payments. 

Future-Proof Your Business

The world of business and how we pay is changing so it’s time to determine the best card machine deals. Setting your salon up for the future is about adapting to the expectations of your clients but also ensuring you’re ready for changes., People are now paying with Apple Pay or Google pay and consumers are changing their habits. Therefore, they’re expecting businesses to offer them the quickest and most efficient options when it comes to paying. Failing to consider card readers will simply mean that your business will get left behind.


If you were wondering whether your salon needs a card machine then it’s time to make a change and consider researching the best card payment fees. Consider card machine fees and the range of card terminal machines that are available and you’ll find that your salon will benefit in many ways.