Contactless payment has never been more important than during the Coronavirus pandemic. Businesses and customers are continuously trying to reduce the contact they have between one another; having a contactless card payment system in place is a sophisticated and simple way to do this. A modern card terminal will accept payments from contactless cards and mobile pay. Accepting mobile pay has several benefits included added security and increased functions. The future of card payments is here and now your business can have it! XEPAY can help your business get to the next level for less than you might have thought with no joining or exit fees and no monthly minimum usage fee.

What are the key benefits of accepting mobile pay?

Increased management tools for your business! When you choose to upgrade to an integrated payment system, you’ll get a plethora of new tools to help you manage and monitor your business. With XEPAY you can keep track of payments in real-time and make adjustments to stock prices where necessary. Plus you can opt for a mobile terminal which allows you to accept payments away from a countertop.
Better customer service – which saves you time and potentially money! Customers get bored of waiting when staff have to accept cash time is wasted counting and giving back change. With mobile payments you eliminate these steps and speed up the progress allowing customers to be served quickly. You’ll have more time for other tasks or you can serve more customers per hour.

Mobile payments offer increased security! Cash can be lost or stolen and doesn’t leave a trail making accounting difficult. Contactless and mobile payments eliminate these risks. Staff don’t have a lengthy process of cashing up where human error can skew your turnover and your business is at less risk of theft. When a customer pays with card the payment is tracked, recorded and the funds are sent electronically to you making your accountants job that bit easier. From the customers perspective, there is also less risk for them as they don’t have to carry cash or deal with change which many modern customers deem to be a nuisance.

The limit for mobile payments has increased over the last few months to £45 which means more expensive purchases can now be facilitated by contactless payments. So if customers average spend is closer to £45 there are no reasons for this to stop you from upgrading your card system.
Finally, it’s easy! The main system for your terminal can be managed on a smartphone or tablet. Setup time is minimal and with XEPAY your terminal will be delivered to you and ready to use within 48 working hours!

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