If you own a shop then one of the most important considerations to make is how you enable your customers to make payments. Sure, you might take payment for some sales in cash but the reality is that you are more than likely going to need to accept card payments, after all, card readers are now being used more than cash. Therefore, if you are not accepting card or chip and pin then you are going to be missing out on a large number of customers.


So, you’ve now decided to implement chip and pin into your shop but now you have realised that there are many companies out there offering their card machines for small businesses. Of course, it is all well and good having a variety and choice but this can often leave you confused because there is so much to consider. You might be asking yourself “Do all card machines need wifi?” or “What card machine costs will I need to consider?”. These are just some of the questions you might be faced with and so, are going to help you find the right kind of chip and pin for your shop.


Consider Your Business


Are you a thriving business that is looking to grow and evolve or are you a business that is happy to plod along without worrying about growing? If you are looking to grow, you might want a countertop card machine that can move with your business. Perhaps you are a small mobile business with the same clients and so, a mobile card machine can help. However, there are more things to consider.



The Associated Costs


Every decision you make as a business will be based around costs and whether your business has the scope to cover these costs. However, what you should consider is that card machines from XEPAY provide a convenient and affordable way to offer card payment to your customers. 


One thing you will need to think about are the joining fees. These are really crucial because this can be the difference between finding a mobile or countertop card machine that works for you. Joining fees can be extremely high with providers claiming that they charge no other fees but then you have to consider what this fee is in relation to other fees. What’s more, you should also think about the exit fees too. At XEPAY, you won’t pay any joining fees or exit fees, giving you complete transparency from the beginning and should you need to end your contract, you can leave without paying a single penny. 


Another consideration to make are PCI Fees. The majority of payment providers will implement charges but you should look at providers who don’t charge you. What this means is that a company like XEPAY won’t charge you, regardless of whether you are compliant or not. 


Is your business bustling every single day? Is it a business that is seasonal or do you simply have quiet days and busy days? Maybe you are a stall owner who only works on weekends or certain days in the week? Whatever the situation, you shouldn’t be forced to consider how much you use your card machine because let’s be truthful, business can be volatile. One day you’re rushed off your feet and the next day you might not take a single payment but why should you be penalised for this? At XEPAY, we consider this to be an important part of running a business and choosing your card machine. Therefore, you should consider a provider that doesn’t hit you with minimum monthly usage fees. So, regardless of whether you are busy or quiet, you should not be hit with extortionate fees, in fact, you shouldn’t be hit with fees at all. 


You Don’t Always Need a Contract


Sure, it makes sense to have a contract, after all, it protects you and the provider but often, these contracts are put in place to force the business into a position where they find themselves stuck. Many companies, such as XEPAY, do not put contracts in place because we believe in honesty and transparency. To add to this, we also believe that our client should have the freedom to make decisions that work for them. 



No Nasty Surprises


There is nothing worse than being hit with nasty hidden fees as a business. It just feels wrong but it’s possible to avoid all of that by choosing a provider that lays all of their fees and terms on the table in advance. Therefore, you don’t want to be hit by scheme fees or interchange fees. What this means is that the rates you see are the rates you pay. These can mount up should you find yourself paying fees that you cannot avoid. 


Receiving Payments


While it’s really important to have a card machine in place to accept payments, it’s no use having one that doesn’t provide fast payments. This means that you want a provider that makes it possible to get paid quickly while avoiding batch fees. What’s more, you should make sure that it connects to any bank. This means that it can work with a business account or a personal account, providing a flexibility that can make a difference. What’s also important is to consider the bank accounts they cover. Not everyone uses high street banks as more and more people are now turning to startups such as Monzo. 


Your card terminal is extremely important in the day to day running of your business. It will help you to make faster sales and more sales, all of which is vital to your success. The convenience it provides will make a significant difference in how you operate while also providing you with a greater level of management. Turn to a company that can provide you with everything you need but make sure that you check all fees and costs because a long-term contract and high fees might not work for you.