If you have just moved into the world of business or you run an established business then you might think that it’s time to either upgrade your existing card machine or purchase your first one. 


Any business that doesn’t have a card machine is going to be considered an outdated business. Furthermore, if you have a card machine that takes an age to connect or can be intermittent then that is going to infuriate customers. What you need is a stress-free experience for you and your customers and that’s where an XEPAY card machine can help.


Despite your best intentions, you know that there are costs associated with a card machine and that could be a concern of yours. After all, you know you have a bad credit score but in order to get yourself out of that position, you need to make sure you give your business the best opportunity of being successful. So, you might have been in contact with some companies that offer card machines but been given your marching orders because of your poor credit score. You might feel as though you are backed into a corner or have no options but that is not the case.


The Worries About Being Credit Checked


As a business owner, you might find yourself in situations where you need to borrow money or purchase items that require you to be credit checked. Despite this, you know that any credit check is going to lead to rejection and that might be too much to take. On one hand, you know you need to purchase a new 4G card machine but on the other hand, the rejection is going to leave you feeling as though you’re never going to get your business reaching its potential.


There are many reasons why you have poor credit but the reasons do not matter to those who you are looking to purchase off. All they see are the results and are no longer willing to give you what you want. It’s demoralising, heartbreaking and can leave your business stuck but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can still take advantage of the best card machine deals and all it takes is the right approach which involves speaking with XEPAY.

Why Not Having a Card Machine Can Cause Problems


Your card machine is one of the most important elements of your business. Sure, you can take cash payments but that’s no longer enough. Whether you are a tradesman, a small cafe, a restaurant or a retailer, you have to broaden your horizons and make sure that you give your business the right image.


A card machine will instantly give your business a professional appearance and it will be a huge benefit to customers because all they want to do is pay you for your service or products and get on with their day. If you make this process difficult then they are going to become fed up and are likely to go elsewhere.


What’s more, you are still going to need to continue counting vast amounts of takings which takes time and effort. This can lead to errors in counting, it could be stolen or even lost, both of which will undo all of your hard work. Without a card machine, you are going to be limiting your appeal and in doing so, you are going to miss out on sales and customers. This could have a massive impact on the overall success of your business but it doesn’t have to be this way. If you believe that your poor credit rating is going to impact your ability to obtain then it is time to think again because XEPAY promises to have a solution that will really deliver satisfaction.


What Are The Benefits?


One of the biggest benefits of having a card machine is the simplicity it offers. Customers can simply tap and go and that is a huge positive for them and for you as a business. This enhanced level of efficiency can save you time and effort while ensuring your customers can make payments with ease. 


A modern card machine is also highly sophisticated and when linked with the right system such as XEPOS, you can keep your finger on the pulse. It’s a simple move but one that will set your business up for the future and provide you with more data and insights that allow you to make better decisions. 


What’s more, card machines don’t have to cost the earth either. They can come with no joining fees or exit fees and they can ensure that payments are made quickly which means you get your money faster! Some won’t tie you into a contract which is a bonus as you can leave at any time while they’ll also offer you the chance to connect to any bank and that means that you won’t have to make choices based around the card machine you choose. So, where can you get all of this? XEPAY!

How Can XEPAY Help?


XEPAY understands the importance of accessing the equipment that you need for your business and it’s fair to say that a card machine is extremely important. It will sit at the core of your business and allow you to take payments but why should a poor credit rating prevent you from benefiting? If you want our opinion, a poor credit rating shouldn’t impact your ability to obtain a card machine and that’s why we won’t stand in your way. 


Our card machines come with no credit check required and that will ensure you can take your pick from our low cost card payment machines. Whether you want a countertop, portable or mobile card machine, we have you covered and that’s the reason why many businesses are now turning to us. We take away the stress and focus on what really matters because some things simply have to happen, such as being able to take advantage of the best card machines on the market!